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When I look through the lens of my camera and press that button I see inner beauty, strength, elegance and emotion. My vision goes beyond the surface to accentuate all aspects of my subject. I am a man of “emotion” so I would say that with my art, from painting to photography, I like to capture emotion. I want people who view my work to question it, to be able to see more than just a pretty picture.

My background is pretty colorful and diverse. So let me try to sum it up for you. Born in Fortaleza, Brasil, I was adopted, came to the United States, and became a US citizen at the age of two. I grew up in the small town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. My desire to focus on art was a challenge in a small community whose main focus were math, science and sports.

However, with nurturing and supporting parents I was able to enjoy opportunities in many areas of the arts, including drawing, painting, sculpture, design, and music. As a child, I used to love to watch my dad take pictures. My Father enjoyed photography as a hobby and I was so taken with what he did that my parents got me a little blue point and shoot camera. The rest was a wrap. The seed was planted, and soon I was photographing everything I could, capturing images of everything that caught my eye. I would even have my family and friends dress up and take pictures of them… I guess that was the beginning of my interest in fashion photography. I took that interest and several student loans and received degrees from both Watkins College of Art and Design and the Atlanta College of Art and Design

I like to work outside the traditional box, to challenge the limits of both my subject and myself. Striving to find the emotionally deeper aspects in my shoots, which often captures surprisingly beautiful, unique, and interesting results. When I meet a client raindrops of ideas begin to form, and the brainstorming process begins. I see the final image in my head from the clothes, to the set design, to the final product.

My signature style is in both the use of lighting and the ability to creatively style my subjects within the context of their surroundings. I pay particular attention to the interaction of lighting and the clothing detail to result in more of an image than the subject

As a photographer, making a personal connection with my subjects is very important to me, which leads to a higher quality, more interesting results, as well as an enjoyable photo shoot. It’s not merely picture taking. It’s art. I consider myself an artist first and foremost. I have a deep-rooted passion for art, from fashion, to painting, to drawing, to film. However I do feel that photography is a form of art that I am truly and genuinely connected to.

I’m no longer a young boy with a blue point and shoot camera, I am an artist with “emotion”. Whether I’m in the streets doing a documentary, or in the studio, styling or art directing, painting or drawing, I have found ways to express myself as an artist. I want my passion to inspire my subjects to relax with the confidence, open up and stand before me emotionally naked, allowing themselves to be completely unmasked and re-invented through my lens and the click of a button.

-Thanks to all who have contributed to my career by believing in me and giveing me support and or advice over the years, I can’t even begin to name everyone but there are a few who have always been there and/or taught me valuable lessons. First and foremost God, My Family, Annie and The Hagen family, Alvin Baily, Tahra Chatard & Horace Davis of Blood Sweat & Tears, Corey Gamble, Rockmond Dunbar, Idris Elba, Kelly Rowland, Tabia Parker, Rhonda and Tony Baraka, Myra Sky, H-Twenty, PayeBack Music Group, Todd Bennings of, Professional Photo Resources, Carlton Robert McGee, Anthony Askew, Miss Doris, Robert Stewart of SCADD/ACA, Larry Anderson of SCADD/ACA, Elizabeth Turk SCADD/ACA, Angela West of ACA, Orlando McGee, Andrew Stephenson, Rico Rodriguez, Tahira Wright of, Tracy, Melanie and Samira.