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Photography:From full serviced photo shoots to processing and printing, we are truly a one stop shot. Dave Ellis Studios experiences are parallel to none ranging from shooting in digital and medium/large formats. Photo shoots at Dave Ellis Studios can include.

  • Art Direction Our creative staff at Dave Ellis Studios can help you conceptualize and execute your vision.
  • Wardrobe With knowledge and firsthand experience in cutting edge fashion the wardrobe department at Dave Ellis Studios has built personal relationships with some of the most influential names in the industry.
  • Hair and Make Up Some of the top Hair Stylist and Make Up Artists in the industry are affiliated with Dave Ellis studios and work to ensure the quality of every photo shoot.
  • Fine Arts and Design:The Fine Art, Design Studio and Gallery at Dave Ellis Studios is ready and equipped to sell and design both fine art and graphic layouts.
  • Art Direction:Our skilled creative directors can help you conceptualization your vision and execution of your projects.
  • Pricing:The Dave Ellis Studios pricing structure is determined for each individual project and is dependent on factors such as lead-time, work location (studio, on-location, etc.), and the specific services provided with the project (wardrobe, make up, hair styling, etc.). Oneā€“half of the project fee must be paid 5 days prior to the project and the remainder is due upon the completion of the project deliverables. Should the client make either payment from an account with non-sufficient funds, then the client forfeits all rights to the use of the project materials.